Media Kit

Magick Moonchild is a witchcraft related website.

It is written by myself, Poet Moonsong, a practicing grey witch from the UK.

After several incarnations the website as you see it today began in late April 2019 and started life as a place for me to document and share my own personal practice of the Craft.



My website covers a wide variety of witchy themed topics.  Here you’ll find posts on all manner of subjects including but not limited to:

Deity Magick: The different Gods and Goddesses I honour

Spirit Magick: My beliefs in the afterlife and reincarnation

Witchcraft 101: Basic information and the foundation of magick


Work With Me:

I would love to work with both established and up-and-coming brands and am especially interested in collaborating with local small businesses.  If you believe your brand is in keeping with the ethos of this website, I can help promote it in a number of ways, including:

Events: I love attending mediumship nights or paranormal investigations etc so if you have something amazing planned, let me know

Guest Posts: I am happy to write a guest post for your blog and include photos too

Product Reviews: I am happy to write a product review for your brand and include photos too

Social Media: I can promote your brand through my social media platforms and include photos too

Sponsorships: I can work with you to create a beautiful and professional looking post including photos too.  I prefer to write these posts myself where possible.


Website Demographics:

Past Collaborations:


If you’d like to know more about what I do or if you’d like to work with me, please contact me here


Poet Moonsong ⛥