I have been a practicing grey witch for many years now and from time to time I am asked questions about my witchy lifestyle from those who are curious to know more.

I thought it would be helpful to answer some of those questions here so I have written this FAQ page for those who are interested.


Q: Who is Poet Moonsong?

A: Poet Moonsong is my Craft name – the name that I chose for myself when I began my Spiritual journey.  My Craft name is essentially my ‘witch name’ and is what I call myself when I am working magick (and writing posts for this website).  Although it is in no way necessary to have a Craft name, a lot of witches do as a means of separating the witch from their everyday public persona.


Q: What kind of witch are you?

A: There are lots of different kinds of witches who each specialise in different aspects of the Craft such as Faery Witchcraft, Green Witchcraft or Kitchen Witchcraft.  I incorporate almost every kind in my own personal practice so I don’t think of myself as being a certain kind of witch.  I simply am.

“A witch I am, a witch I be, nothing you can say will ever change me.  A life without magick is not for me…” – Anon.


Q: What kind of Witchcraft do you practice?

A: My Craft is a combination of Druidry, Hoodoo, Modern Wicca, Old Religion Witchcraft and Paganism.


Q: Do you practice white or black magick?

A: I practice both.  I am a grey witch, practising both kinds depending on the circumstances.  I think it’s important to understand we all have a dark side.  All witches hold in their hands the power to harm or to heal.  The power lies in understanding which to use.  This poem defines what a grey witch is and does:

“A Grey Witch I am and forever will be,

A balance of both dwells deep inside me.

For I am not Black nor am I White,

I walk in the darkness and in the light.

I seek no harm, my intentions are just,

But make no mistake, I will do what I must.

So heed of my word, I give you insight,

For I am Grey.  I will defend, I will fight.”



I will update this page as often as possible so please do check back regularly.

If you have a question that I haven’t yet answered, you can email me here


Poet Moonsong