Poet Moonsong | Who Am I?

20214351_1582370575166708_5695458205971251200_n-2.jpg-2A young woman stands hunched over a table, mortar and pestle in her hands as she grinds away at a mixture of herbs.

A large candle stands on the table beside her, the flame flickering and spluttering.  Open in front of her lies a large book, the pages filled with intricately drawn images and beautifully written rhymes.

It sounds like a scene from Medieval times but this is modern day and the woman is me: a witch at work.

Am I what you think of when you hear the word ‘witch’?

My long hair is often unruly and tangled.  I wear whatever is comfortable, not what is fashionable.  I dance to the songs in my head and I sing aloud and off-key.  I am a floaty-dress wearing, incense-burning, moon-gazing, tree-hugging wild woman.

I am a servant of nature, living along with the changing of the seasons.  I am a child of the moon, working with the ebb and flow of her phases.  I am the creator and the destroyer.  I am the teacher and the student.  I am everything and nothing.

To connect with Mother Earth I go outside to feel the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and the grass beneath my feet.  The free and wild feeling of being at one with nature.

I love to create my own crafts, recipes, spells and potions and some of these I will share with you here.


This is who I am.  Who are you?

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Thank you for reading.

Poet Moonsong ⛥

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