Honouring Gaia | The Earth Goddess

416f1043b6622441a87aa1ea025f85d1--tree-of-life-the-treeBrightest blessings and welcome back to Magick Moonchild.

As a witch, nature is my church and so I honour the Earth Goddess.

In this post I thought I would share with you who She is to me and her involvement in my practice of the Craft.

I often refer to her as the Divine or Source and she is the main deity that I work with.

She goes by many names such as Mother Earth or Mother Nature, but I call her by her Greek name, Gaia, and to me she is the personification of Earth.

In my mind she is beautiful, wise and nurturing but also formidable, wild and untamed.

She is not removed from the Earth, she is Earth.  Her essence is in all living things – animals, minerals, plants and humans.

I honour her all year round by using natural objects on my altar to represent her four elements – Earth (tiny jars of sand or soil), Air (feathers), Fire (dragon egg crystal) and Water (shells).

To show my respect for her I pick up litter, I recycle and I tend to my garden.

We must do all we can to protect her.


How do you look after her?

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Thank you for reading.

Poet Moonsong ⛥


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